Women Who Beertend

Julie Rossette, beertender at Swiftwater Brewing, talks about her foray into beer, her love for beertending, and her spirit beer. Read on for her perspective.

Beer Gals (BG): What drew you to beertending?

Julie Rossette (JR): I have been into craft beer for about six years now. I always joke that Sam Adams Cherry Wheat was my gateway beer. A few years ago, I volunteered to pour for a couple of festivals with a friend who worked for a local brewery and I always enjoyed talking to and meeting new people. I came to Swiftwater the first week they opened in January 2015 and basically never left. They were busy and needed help so I guess I just pushed my way in at the right time! 

BG: What do you love about it?

JR: I really love the energy and the pace behind the bar. We have awesome customers that range from craft beer connoisseurs to first time visitors. I like helping people find what style of beer they might be into. Plus, I get to work with a fantastic team of people who have become more like family.

BG: What parts could you go without?

JR: On busy nights it can be tough to keep up with serving customers, washing glassware, helping out in the kitchen and then inevitably some customer needs two 64oz growlers filled with a slow pouring beer. But, our crew always pulls together and we get through it. That’s what makes it not feel like work. Oh and, my co-workers will laugh at this, I really hate when people write on the menus. 

BG: Tell me, do you have a spirit beer?

JR: When I applied to work at Swiftwater, I wrote about the nostalgia of an oatmeal stout. They always remind me of cold weather, holidays and cozying up inside. Right now I feel like a Citrus Blonde Ale from Collective Arts. Beers for different occasions? Moods? I am definitely a “seasonal” beer drinker. I like lagers, wild ales, and sours in the summer; kolschs and ambers in the fall; winter warmers and stouts in the winter; and pale ales and ipas in the spring. Oh and Belgians anytime!

BG: Does Swiftwater hold any craft beer events we can’t miss?

JR: Swiftwater is big on collaborating. We have an event coming up Thursday, June 15th with Community Beerworks, six beers from each brewery will be on tap along with a Buffalo/Rochester themed trivia night. Every Thursday we have Trivia and vinyl night. Throughout June, you can come in to taste the “Helles on Wheels”, a one-off brew created in partnership with Craft for Causes and Tedeschi Trucks Band’s Wheels of Soul Summer Tour 2017. And last but not least, stay tuned for fourth of July details, Swiftwater is a fantastic spot to view the fireworks! 

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