Women Who Beertend: Jacquelyn Parry, Stoneyard American Craft Beer Hall & Grill

Our friend and fellow Beer Gal, Keelan Walsh (server and beer geek at Stoneyard Brewing), got real with Jacquelyn Parry (pictured), the badass beertender over at Stoneyard American Craft Beer Hall & Grill, to learn her story and what fuels her passion for beer.

Here is the interview through Keelan’s lens: 

If you’ve ever walked into the Stoneyard in Webster, you will most likely see Jackie behind the bar, along with her husband Shaun (aka Bubba). The dynamic duo have been running the craft beer scene for quite some time. Their passion is incredible, and all it takes is one conversation to see just how much love they have for this industry. Jackie is a staple in the beer community, making a statement for all things craft, and transforming the craft beer scene for women. Her knowledge, eccentric spirit, and creative soul, make her one fearless female in our beer community. Here’s a little look into Jackie’s craft beer journey.

Keelan Walsh (KW): What drew you to beertending?

Jacquelyn Parry (JP): I was actually into wine for most of my 20 years of bartending then one day I drank an Orval and that’s where my love for craft beer began.  I would go to Buffalo to see my best friend Steve at the Blue Monk and he would make me flights of the greatest beers from all over the world in every style. I actually first fell in love with barrel aged stout and sours; I wasn’t into IPAs it all.  Then one day I had a hill farmstead legitimacy and quickly became a hop head!!

KW: What do you love about it? What parts could you go without?

JP: I love talking beer with people. Either someone’s teaching me something or I’m teaching them. I dislike when people use the word diacetyl in the wrong context and use it way too often.

KW: Do you have a spirit beer?

JP: Can’t say I have a spirit beer but my spirit animal is Dan Bronson, General Manager for Singlecut!!!

KW: Do you have a beer for different occasions or moods?

JP: Occasions? Well, I guess if it’s a holiday or any special day I like to bust something out from my cellar, probably a Firestone Walker Anniversary or something along those lines. Moods? Regardless of how I’m feeling, I’m always in the mood for a great double IPA.

KW: Does your workplace hold any craft beer events we can’t miss?

JP: We do a lot of amazing events. Every Thursday, I do what I call Beer Geek Thursday.  We’ve only been open about a year at Stoneyard Brewing Company’s second location in Webster, but we have a core group that comes to every Beer Geek, which I love!!  These people have become good friends because of our love and passion for craft beer.

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