Women Who Beertend: Ashley Johnson, Three Heads Brewing

Ashley Johnson is That Girl from Three Heads (at least her Instagram profile says so). She holds her own behind the bar and as a rep for the brewery, bringing Three Heads beers to bars near you. Read on for more of her story.

Beer Gals (BG): What drew you to beertending? What do you love about it? 

Ashley Johnson (AJ): What drew me to Beertending at Three Heads  was knowing I was about to work at one of the best brewery’s around town. I always loved and pushed Three Heads beers well before working for them. Plus, who wouldn’t love working for a bunch of beer-drinking hippies?! To top it off they have live music here! I get to see some of the best local music in town all while making money; really it’s a no brainer.

BG: What parts could you go without? 

AJ: I could totally go without cleaning the bathrooms at night. Although sometimes I have  great late night convos in there!

BG: Tell me, do you have a spirit beer? Beers for different occasions? Moods? 

AJ: As far as a spirit beer, I love tasting any IPA you put in front of me. To me The Kind is king. It’s my go to IPA. If it’s winter you’ll find me sipping on the Three Heads Baltic Porter. I say sip because at 10.4%, so I have to take it easy. If I’m feeling frisky I’ll do half Baltic porter, half Strawbeery Fields. That’s the mixologist in me 😉 .

BG: Does your brewery hold any craft beer events we can’t miss? 

AJ: We hold many events throughout the year you don’t want to miss! Last weekend was our Hometown Throwdown where local breweries and restaurants got together to pair a beer and a dish. Then patrons voted on their favorites. We also have a big event in January called “Homegrown”. It’s an all day event that local restaurants and breweries participate in. Three Heads always has live music on the weekend and we usually participate in several tasting or happy hour-like events throughout the year!

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