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Beer Review: Zero Gravity’s Madonna IIPA

I’m into IPAs just like the rest of the world, but I like them to be balanced. IPAs that are too aggressively hopped seem like they’re trying to cover something up. It’s easy to hide low qual ingredients or beer flaws with more hops. Anyone can do that. But brewing IPAs that are balanced, where hops play nice with malts and the flavor is big, but not overwhelming? That’s an art….

It’s Oktoberfest Season.

The fall season isn’t only for pumpkin beers – though you may not know it given their abundance on beer market shelves…since August – it’s also for Oktoberfests. Been too focused sipping that P-spice beer to think about this other seasonal? No prob, here’s a quick run down on the style and a few to […]


The crisp, clean lager you should have been drinking all summer. Good news, it’s good all year too. Listen, I love Pilsners. I feel like you hear a lot of brewers say the same, but fewer mainstream craft beer drinkers share the sentiment. Why is that? Maybe it’s because when I say Pilsner, you automatically […]



It’s GIVEAWAY time! Give us your thoughts and we’ll give you… some free concert tickets. Nope, we’re not kidding. We have some tickets to an Avett Brothers concert on Saturday, September 2 that we’re excited to give away. There are two VIP tickets that include admission to The Headliner Lounge, a parking pass, and awesome seats, […]

Women Who Beertend

Julie Rossette, beertender at Swiftwater Brewing, talks about her foray into beer, her love for beertending, and her spirit beer. Read on for her perspective.

Women Who Beertend: Emily Nortz, Roc Brewing Co.

Emily Nortz slings beer at Roc Brewing Co. on the weekends and during the summer months when she’s off from teaching. Her positive energy behind the bar is palpable and we like her perspective on craft beer. Read on for her story.

Women Who Beertend: Ashley Johnson, Three Heads Brewing

Ashley Johnson is That Girl from Three Heads (at least her Instagram profile says so). She holds her own behind the bar and as a rep for the brewery, bringing Three Heads beers to bars near you. Read on for more of her story.

Women Who Beertend: Jacquelyn Parry, Stoneyard American Craft Beer Hall & Grill

Our friend and fellow Beer Gal, Keelan Walsh (server and beer geek at Stoneyard Brewing), got real with Jacquelyn Parry (pictured), the badass beertender over at Stoneyard American Craft Beer Hall & Grill, to learn her story and what fuels her passion for beer.