West Edge & Stoneyard Beer Dinner


20 gals gathered in the cozy candlelit atmosphere of West Edge Restaurant on a chilly February evening. We were all there to experience the elevation of flavors that occurs when beer and food get together.

The experience didn’t stop at the 4 course meal we enjoyed. There was the experience of hearing straight from the makers why the all of the flavors worked together and inspiration to bring these flavors home. Of course there was also the story of the brewers themselves and how they got to where they are now. And finally, there was the element of camaraderie and contentedness that comes from connecting with your fellow beer gal – elbow to elbow, smiling and laughing, comparing notes on beers you liked and didn’t. These are the gals to enjoy a pint with.



It’s hard to choose a favorite beer from the evening, but the subtle smoothness of the bacon bourbon porter stands out, which nicely countered the rich chocolate of the West Edge brownie. Then again, there was a fullness and balance of the Little Guy IPA that we enjoyed with our calamari salad.  And it’s hard to forget the Bavarian pretzel brown ale that cut through the cheddar mac and cheese. So, clearly it’s quite difficult to pinpoint one beer that really surpassed the others. A good problem to have.



I think it’s safe to say that our first beer dinner was a success and we’re already dreaming up ideas and pairings for the next one.

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Beer is a social thing, so find us on allll the social levels…


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